Zombie Followers On Every Platform But One…

I want you to go to any/all of your social media accounts and look at the engagement of your posts. Now compare the amount of people viewing/liking/commenting on your content to the number of followers you have.

99% of you are seeing a massive decline in engagement versus your total follower count.

You are most likely only getting 100–150 likes on the average Instagram post when you have 1000+ followers with 15–30% open rates on your email lists. You can notice that 1:10 follower — engagement ratio on most platforms. I noticed very early on that the majority of subscribers on YouTube were not watching the videos of the user they subscribed to, dramatically less were engaging with it.

PewDiePie is the most subscribed channel in YouTube existence with 41+ million subscribers. But he only averages 2–4 million views per video. 2–4 million out of 41+ million means only 5–10% of his viewership are consistently watching his videos! This trend can be seen among 99% of YouTube’s channels. From my experience…

  1. You haven’t clearly communicated your niche to your audience. Thus people from varying markets and interest groups are subscribing expecting to see a specific type of content 9/10 times that in reality only appears 1/10 times. So they’re only clicking 10% of the time.
  2. The majority of your audience is made up of zombie followers. This is where Pareto's 80/20 law comes in. Where 80% of your audience only “kind of likes you” and the other 20% are the ones who love you and will rarely miss any of what you create. These are your die hard ‘true fans’ who will purchase pretty much anything you sell to them.

I think both reasons are largely due to the creator not communicating effectively and authentically.

Only once have I ever seen a message by a creator requesting people not to subscribe if they do not find their content truly valuable and of quality…

You can find that message in the description of every video I create and at the end of all my animated videos.

With that being said, I ask if YOU are following me on Medium, or any social platform, and do not regularly consume my content because you only think I’m an okay person and writer who only sometimes offers you value than PLEASE UNFOLLOW ME NOW.

I only want a team of people around me who value me as highly as I value them, and you should too.

This the reason why I only follow one person on Medium. Because Gary Vaynerchuk has provided me with exponential value more than any else on this platform. When he posts, I click. He has developed a ‘true fan’ in me.

PLEASE start unclogging your virtual feeds and physical mind by removing those who don’t bring you tremendous value. We have never had access to so much overwhelming information in human existence. With that, be extremely mindful on who you pick to surround yourself with.

I mentioned in the title how there are zombie followers on every platform BUT ONE…

That one is Snapchat. While many still think Snapchat is for horny teenagers, it’s just not. It’s so much more. In the scope of internet influence I ain’t shit…yet I can still get 90–95% of those who’ve added me watching my Snapchat story. Compared to the stats we were talking about above, that is amazingly higher than any other platform in 2016. The growth potential for Snapchat is enormous due to it’s extreme engagement number’s.

The relevancy of this to your life is realising that Snapchat is the most undervalued marketing tool today. Every platform has it’s ebs and flows and Snapchat’s time is now and will only grow bigger into 2017–2018 before it’s inevitably ruined by marketers. Snapchat is the closest thing to FaceBook / Twitter 2007/2008. It forces you to pay attention because once you view it, you know that it disappears forever.

How many followers do I have?

How many views did I get on my video?

Hey can you like my Instagram post?

NO, dick, I will not like your post!

The superficial stats don’t matter anywhere near as much as the users ATTENTION and ENGAGEMENT. Snapchat has that attention and this is why I ask people to only follow me if they find me valuable. Because with that commitment we will have each others ATTENTION. Attention is the game…and Snapchat has it.

If you’ve found any of what I’ve said valuable you should add me on Snapchat @Alex Sandalis


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Self-reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour. Video’s + podcast → youtube.com/emmanualalexander

Self-reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour. Video’s + podcast → youtube.com/emmanualalexander