What Do I Do Next? | Dear Alexander #43

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis
1 min readNov 25, 2021

After conquering a personal or business endeavour and accomplishing something I’ve never done before the question remains…what’s next? How do I top what I just did?

This may be the wrong question to ask.

The question to ask is…


What is the hardest most interesting problem I can solve?

Where does the intersect between deep impact, personal meaning, fulfilment, challenge, curiosity and joy collide?

Whatever that thing is — do that.

The hardest most interesting problem I can solve that intersects with those values are:

  1. Current: Reckoning with the mind-boggling complex equation to optimise human health and performance for me, my clients and the world at large.
  2. Future: Set up the next generation of children to get a better head start through empowering parents on how to nurture and support their child’s optimal growth and development and figure out how to scale that.
  3. Something else I haven’t discovered yet…

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