The Single Most Important Piece Of Writing I’ve Ever Written

A Critical Note For Every Single Piece Of Content I’ll Ever Create

If you look back over the 50+ or pieces of writing thus far you will see me speaking upon ideas such as ‘The Deception Of Seeking Your Passion’, ‘Hacking Decision Making’ and ‘The Vanity Of Confidence’, among many other philosophies.

By no means am I telling you how you should live your life.

Everything I curate or create on any platform is simply displaying my own truth — my own perspective of the world.

Everything I create is a reminder to my future self to live to my the highest potential. I will always be a student. I am still learning and figuring all this shit out.

My point is.

I don’t want to tell you you can do it. Until I actually do it.

I have a tendency to present my experiences and knowledge with a lot of confidence and assuredness because I really do believe in me. But the reality is, I may not be right.

To reiterate:

This is all the way I see the world. I am illustrating my philosophies that have helped me grow stronger into the person I am today. I am displaying the path I took to reach my own success.


When I say the word “you” in my pieces, I used to think I was talking to the reader, or even ‘at’ the reader. I used to write with the reader as the number one priority.

Now imagine if we demanded this truth from everyone we learnt from…

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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