The Deception Behind Seeking Your Passion

The phrase ”follow your passion” is one of the most overstated lines in the 21st century. Whenever a struggling individual seeks advise from a seasoned, battle tested mentor figure they seem to repeat the same sentiment in various different ways: “do what you love” “follow your heart”

No question many have found solace in that phrase to put them on the path to prosper. But for those that don’t, it’s just confusing.

It can be such a daunting intimidating process to adhere to the cliche to “find what you love.” I’ve seen so many people with fear and timidness in their eyes when discussing this topic. Which simply demonstrates to me how much pressure people put on themselves to heed this fallacy.

Don’t be dismayed. Don’t be afraid. All you need to do is take action towards something — anything that appeals to your curiosity. There is danger in adopting a tunnel vision mindset in seeking that ONE THING that’s going to make you happy, wealthy and successful.

Are we on this planet for one single purpose? Your passion will not stay static and linear for the rest of your existence. Our passions will evolve and change around our shifting reality over time. The same way our minds and bodies do.

But I guess it’s sometimes not easy to believe that. Especially when we see our favorite professional athletes devote decades of time and energy to this one single passion. We ask ourselves, “why can’t that be me?”. From painful personal experience’s; what the athlete soon realises is that sport is only a portion of their life. As much as their identity and life may have been consumed by it — it does not define them, it can’t. You can’t play sport forever. Everybody eventually moves on whether they want to or not.

In this pursuit for searching for one’s calling, trying to lock down this one single passion can narrow the focus and can closes doors. Who sais you have to have just one passion? You don’t have to JUST go to college or JUST start a business.

You do know that? You can embrace many of your passions and associated skills into a beautiful chaos.

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Self-reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour. Video’s + podcast →