Shut The Fuck Up & Stop Asking Questions

No I didn’t *astrix* out ‘Fuck’. I am trying to weed out those offended by profanity.

There is a trend I notice among the passionate, successful driven ‘would be’ entrepreneurs who crave success in their field. We ask a lot of questions. We itch to learn and seek knowledge. We feel like the more we know the more we are equipped to handle not only our immediate environment around us, but future events that may arise. We feel like we’re progressing and doing something positive towards our craft as we traverse YouTube video after YouTube video. Meticulously watching every episode of the AskGaryVee Show. Listening to every podcast Tim Ferris creates trying to dive deeper and deeper in the bottomless pool of knowledge and wisdom we have access to.

The show I mentioned above , The AskGaryVee Show, is predicated on the idea of would be entrepreneurs/business men and women asking Gary Varynerchuck questions on marketing, business, social media and how he operates at such a world class level.

As every show passes, half a dozen more questions are asked. To this day there has been 135 episodes of the Ask Gary Vee show. 135! Do you know how many questions that is! A FUCK LOAD. I just finished watching a 2 hour talk he did in LA, the last 30 min was left open for, yes — questions.

At that moment I realised that’s it’s bull shit. We are obsessed. We as a human race are obsessed with knowledge and finding the right answer. I’m so aggressive on this topic because I’m talking to myself here.

Though I completely agree that questions and knowledge are of paramount importance to growth. But you know you already have all the answers to do what your about to do? I’m mainly talking to those who have been living in their craft for a while, not the rookies. I won’t lie. It mildly pisses me off that so many of these experienced people are asking the same questions over and over again acting as if it’s a replacement for the actual work. I

“Oh, if only I get this one questioned answered and ‘pick his brain’ then I’ll finally know what to do”


We will always have more questions. We all have learnt the hard way that most things never work out the way we foresee, no matter how we prepare. Such is the nature of life. You get stuck in limbo looking for that miracle answer and that one move that’s going to change the outcome. You’re playing the short game instead of playing the long game. The long game is putting in the work every day. Putting in the hours while everyone else is hoping and dreaming. There is no substitute. So while you’re too busy asking your 20 questions … I will be executing.

The life you want doesn't lay at the end of a question — it lays at the end of an action.

So shut the fuck up and stop asking 100 questions looking for answers you already know the answer to.

Your hopes and dreams lay at the end of consistent execution day in and day out until your left exhausted, breathless and ready to die. That’s where growth lies. That’s where the keys to health, wealth, love and happiness lies.



Imprint that word in your brain to remind yourself whenever your hesitating action because you feel you need to ask “just one more question”

Squeeze everything you can out of life. Attack it with a relentless fiver until you’re the only one left standing.

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