My Will To Conquer | Dear Alexander #40

“No obstacle in front of me is more powerful than the will I have to conquer it.” — David Goggins

My will is one of the most powerful things I have access to.

It is not just sheer willpower, my ‘will’ comprises of:

  • My ability to exceed the boundaries of my limitation in spite of pain and suffering.
  • My ability to consistently show up and put in effort regardless of how I feel.
  • My ability to work smart and apply intelligent habits and systems to reduce unnecessary inertia (resistance of any object to change).

My will is my superpower and with it I gain a mental edge by using it to dive into the depths of my soul, facing my shadows and figuring out who I am. Through this, I gain the courage to conquer anything I set my eyes on. Not with the arrogance or delusion of guaranteed success, but with the feeling inside that my will has the power to drive me to conquer the mountains that face me.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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