Law 16: Use Absence To Increase Respect & Honor

The 48 Laws Of Power Summary Series

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis



“Too much circulation makes the price go down: The more you are seen and heard from, the more common you appear. if you are already established in a group, temporary withdrawal from it will make you more talked about, even more admired. You must learn when to leave. Create value through scarcity.”

Though this law is lengthy I would highly recommend making time to read the entire piece. It is one of the most valuable laws that is filled with a plethora of practical philosophies.

Transgression & Observance

Note: The following story depicts many characters that can get confusing to follow. I added the the bellow name list to help with that. This story is directly taken from the book because I did not want to confuse any reader by paraphrasing it all as I did in the original video.

Character List:

Sir Guillaume de Balaun = Protagonist.

Sir Pierre de Barjac = Balaun’s friend (falls in love with Viernetta).

Madame Guillelma de Javiac = the lady who Balaun falls in love with.

Viernetta = Second lady who Pierre falls in love with.

Javiac = Castle.

“Sir Guillaume de Balaun was a troubadour (a French medieval lyric poet) who roamed the South of France in the Middle Ages, going from castle to castle, reciting poetry, and playing the perfect knight. At the castle of Javiac he met and fell in love with the beautiful lady Madame Guillelma de Javiac. He sang her his songs, recited his poetry, played chess with her, and little by little she in turn fell in love with him. Guillaume had a friend, Sir Pierre de Barjac, who traveled with him and who was also received at the castle. And Pierre too fell in love with a lady in Javiac, the gracious but temperamental Viernetta.

One day Pierre and Viernetta had a violent quarrel. The lady dismissed him, and Pierre sought…



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