Is Andrew Tate Modern Hitler?

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis
4 min readAug 6, 2023

Adolf Hitler was able to slowly brainwash millions of his citizens towards a destructive cause.

Could people like Andrew Tate be a more benign version of that?

It’s easy to find 5–10-year-old 30-second clips of Tate speaking about morally reprehensible things.

Nevertheless, Hitler was a dictator who utilized propaganda and fear to indoctrinate millions of people into the ideology of racial superiority, leading to one of the darkest periods in human history.

Hitler wielded autocratic power, while Tate is a citizen with the same freedoms as any other. One cannot equate sharing personal beliefs and philosophies in the modern age to the systematic brainwashing employed by a dictator during a world war.

But could Tate be communicating elements of indoctrination and propaganda to his audience? Let’s carefully and objectively examine this.

The ‘How Could You Like Andrew Tate Effect?!’

Typically the person saying this will look down on the person they’re saying this to, and ask ‘how could you follow and like this person’ with contempt in their voice.

Bear with me here, but instead of judging why people love people like Andrew Tate.



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