Dear Alexander #003: Write Your Own Book.

You love learning, experimenting and pushing yourself to higher level’s through the daily pursuit of excellence you set for yourself. You attempt to do this in large part through soaking in as much enriching educational content as possible. It almost seem’s almost unconscionable to miss the next Tim Ferriss podcast or Gary Vaynerchuk video.

You will always be a student. You’re dedicating this current time in your 20s for a state of mass learning through various outlets. The list of book’s you have to purchase totals thousands of dollars. Your ‘Watch Later’ on YouTube can top 40 video’s at times. Your email’s continue to grow because as you go off to transcribe an article onto your website, another arrives in your inbox. You love asking deep questions to those you admire.

As Robert Moore would say you are very strong in the ‘Magician’ archetype.

Hence you love the idea of being ‘the knower’ — the ritual elder who guides himself and those around him with a deep well of powerful knowledge. You aim to experience and understand your reality with a large degree of profundity that few know.

You have a great capacity to think and ponder. You have used this in conjunction with the ‘Warrior archetype’ to act with audacity and relentlessness many a time. However, you can become very unbalanced in this aspect if you are not careful, disciplined and patient.

A Word Warning:

“Be careful not to fall into the trap of being the man who thinks too much. Who stands back from life and never lives it. Be wary not to be caught in a web of pro’s and cons about your decisions and loose yourself in a labyrinth of reflective meanderings from which you cannot extricate yourself.

Do not be the man who is too afraid to live and ‘leap into battle’ because he is too busy sitting on his rock thinking. The years will pass and you will wonder where the time has gone. Do not go too far and end up regretting a life of sterility.”

Never be so afraid of making a decision that you make none at all.

To balance this archetypal energy in you, you will eventually get to a point in your life where you will cull almost everything. You will get to a point where you will massively reduce the degree to which you to consume and create media. By the time you read this again, you may be much closer to making that decision. Or you may already be living through it. Honor this liberating change by letting your intuition flow freely. Know, it is the right decision.

You will no doubt question yourself if it is the right one. Once again, trust the intuition of your heart and soul that you have honed for all these years. Trust the knowledge and experience you have built and cultivated through all those years of work.

Do not fear though, you will not stop growing. You are simply changing the medium’s to which you interface and catalyze your growth. Instead of predominately learning through the incredible resource of the internet. You will most likely move to enriching face to face human interaction’s, restorative boundary pushing experiences, and maybe a few book’s here and there. It will make you uncomfortable at first as you reflect on all the ground breaking thought provoking inspiring thing’s you may be missing out on through the platforms you obsessively consume. But this process will teach you how to be at peace with not knowing what you don’t know.

Understand: Often times you don’t need any more information. Be at peace that you know enough. This may sound counterintuitive to self-growth, but when you come from a place of trying to consume as much water from the fire hose as possible you know this is the right move.

Remember Alexander, just because you know more, doesn’t mean you are grounded with the information you know. The most important book in our lives is our self reflection. Write your own book…

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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