Dear Alexander #26: When Catastrophe Knocks

“You want to be the person at your fathers funeral that everyone can rely on.”

So the question becomes: what type of person do YOU need to be when catastrophe arrives? Disaster, death and suffering is coming, it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘when’. Are you prepared for those dark days ahead?

“Who do you want to be when there’s a crisis? Do you want to be the type of person that people can turn to for strength? Why not that as a goal? Because then when there’s a crisis (and there will be) it won’t be such a bloody crisis because there will be someone there that can deal with it.”

WHEN a disaster devastates those close to you, will you be mentally and emotionally prepared to not only withstand the darkness and grief yourself, but actually help shine your own light on the darkness and grief others are experiencing too? Will you put aside your ego to not make a bad situation worse through petty squabbles and disagreements and be who you need to be standing as a shield for others who can’t cope? Maybe there can be a little less pain and gloom because you are there. Even if it’s just a fraction of a percent better, you’ve made a difference through your conscious effort towards being who you need to be.

When a catastrophe arrives can people rely on your strength and light when they can’t find any of their own? Be that person.

Ideas partly inspired by Jordan B Peterson.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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