Dear Alexander #032: Combatting Overwhelm

When I feel overwhelmed the clouds of anxiety and stress block out the sun of composure and calm. When this happens try this, go on the offensive and run the sprint. What this practically means is this:

  1. LIST all the tasks you have obligated yourself to do.
  2. RANK them in order of significance.
  3. ASK what is the lead domino task that will make other tasks easier, less of a cognitive burden or irrelevant. These are the tasks I usually procrastinate on the most — complete those FIRST.
  4. DEDICATE a block of free undisturbed time to complete a minimum of 2 of these tasks per day or complete them all.

Better I suffer intensely in the short term than to wear the daily cognitive-emotional burden of a litany of unfinished tasks over months on end.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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