Dear Alexander #25: Bring Your Best Self

Before a job interview or new opportunity that you need to bring your best self to, what did you do the days and weeks before?

You prepared.

You researched the nuances of the business you were going to work at. You figured out who worked there, their names and positions. You rehearsed the types of questions you were going to be asked and their requisite answers. You got the cloths and food ready the night before and woke up 30 minutes early so you could ensure you arrived early.

You brought your best self because you took the opportunity seriously and wanted other people to also see that ‘best self’.

Congratulations. You get the job/opportunity.

As every month and year goes by you slowly start to dwindle. Those same habits that brought you to the table in the first place are seldom seen. You clothes aren’t out, you’re not waking up early, you’re turning up just on time or even late. You realise you can still have this job and not have to work as hard and present your best self. The ‘interview you’ is gone.

Take a hard look at yourself. Is that describing a part of you now? If so, why? Ask yourself, why have your habits started dwindling? Do you care less? No? Maybe your workplace environment has gone downhill. So? Don’t go down with it, lead from the front. Be the change you want to see and hold yourself accountable to bring your best self every day. Otherwise, don’t bring your self at all. The people you serve deserve your best self on all fronts. Prepare, turn up early and give more than you take so you can bring your best self.

Ideas inspired by David Goggins

Window cleaners dress as superheroes to comfort children at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Here, Superman says hello to Joao Bertola, age 2.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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