Dear Alexander #22: Accomplishments & Accolades

“People say you’ve done so much, why don’t you have all your accomplishments and awards hanging up? Everybody wants to be proud of themselves, when you finally become proud of yourself you no longer give a flying fuck what it took to get there. The feeling I have in my mind is priceless.” — David Goggins

You don’t need to hang all the ‘nice’ accolades of accomplishment to remind yourself how good you think you are.


You’re reminded of it everyday when you look in the mirror because you and only you know what you’ve earned and what you haven’t.

Maybe you resonate with this way of thinking because you’re consciously trying to tame your ego.

Maybe it’s because you’re insecure about your accomplishments.

Maybe this is not for you and daily reminders of the awards and accomplishments you’ve attained would serve you better.

Maybe reminding yourself of where you’ve come is a technique to deploy self-gratitude and appreciation.

Or maybe an open and honest look in the mirror is all we need to find our answers and peace.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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