New year’s seems like the only time a person will allow you to actually change without getting properly mad at you. Acting like the declaration of a new years resolution is actually gonna get your fat lazy ass to the gym.

People want you to change on their time. The average person dislikes change, it makes them feel uncomfortable and conceives all types of emotions. With that said, no one should wait on someone else in order to change. It could be December 31st, February 5th it doesn’t matter I change EVERYDAY, I don’t know about you.

If you’re not trying to move forward or get better at what you do than should I have to sit around and wait for you? Nooo I’m moving on!
If you love me, you’ll be there for me, and if you don’t than try to understand.

As people we always wait to better ourselves. Why wait to get in a hectic situation to become a better person? Becoming a better person should be something you work on every day of your life.

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour.

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