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Does suffering propel us forward, or suffocate us?

Sarah Kante

In North Korea, they intentionally starve their people to control them. When all you can think about is survival, you don’t have the energy or resources to critically think, let alone revolt against a dictatorship. Everything becomes secondary to the ultimate purpose of survival.

People are starving now, just in…

Some of the most successful interesting and powerful people had a traumatic upbringing from ‘bad parents’ who projected their own trauma and suffering onto them.

“When children have parents who ignore them or are abusive they find a way to compensate for that. Their compensations often lead them to be…

From changing the fitness industry to regret, reflection and depression.

Only those close to me know I co-owned and ran a Certificate III/IV RTO provider Orphic Education. We provided the education and certifications for people to become Personal Trainers in Australia. Disenfranchised and frustrated by the lacklustre quality of this industry we were on a mission towards excellence. If you…

Atomic Habits Book Summary Analysis (James Clear)

This chapter will go through why your brain builds habits, whether routine and habits restrict or free you and the neurological feedback habit loop.

Why does your brain build habits?

Your habits are a series of automated solutions that solve the problems you face regularly with as little effort and energy. Habits are reliable solutions to…

After conquering a personal or business endeavour and accomplishing something I’ve never done before the question remains…what’s next? How do I top what I just did?

This may be the wrong question to ask.

The question to ask is…

What is the hardest most interesting problem I can solve?

Where does the intersect between deep impact, personal meaning, fulfilment, challenge

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis

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