What does it mean to feel like I’m living a life of meaning?


The most obvious answer I have found is to dedicate myself to the pursuit of my personal legend — my ikigai— the thing that provides me ultimate fulfilment and purpose in life.

Another new component that was illuminated by Sam Harris is the idea of being fully engaged and present in the moment.

If one is continually searching for meaning in life they are essentially disengaged from the present as their eyes are set way ahead of them instead of in front of them and around them.

If I am consistently attempting to hunt down ‘the next thing’ — the…

1: We Are Too Dependent On Large Corporations For Our Livelihood & Well-Being

It is clear how vulnerable the supply chain is to disruption from a systematic (global) level and an idiosyncratic (individual) level. To circumvent this the individual should establish their own autonomy and independence by reducing their dependency on global infrastructure, improve provisions and have local means of producing and sourcing essential food and medicine. Each individual can take steps towards sourcing ‘made in your country’ goods and services and support local community businesses to source their food, clothing and essential items.

2: Team Human

This pandemic was not yet damaging enough to destroy our world, but bad enough to cause long and consequential…

  1. Death & Catastrophe Is Imminent: The death, illness or debilitating deterioration of the health of my parents is imminent within the next day to 15 years if they keep their current lifestyle. Disaster, death and suffering is coming, it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘when’. Are you prepared for those dark days ahead? Who will you be and who do you want to be when catastrophe arrives?
  2. Others Aren’t Less Worthy Than You Because They Live Differently: You don’t need to deploy your thesis of how to live onto others just because you see they’re not…


I have often felt regret and lamentation over the seemingly ineffective busyness that has stimulated my days. This busyness usually comes in two forms:

  1. Completing tasks that make me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I really have just been putting off the most difficult tasks.
  2. My insatiable curiosity leads me to stumble upon new ideas and topics that take time away from other tasks but fulfil my soul and mind.

Busynes usually accompanies the classic A-type high conscientiousness personality that I identify with. However, I’ve realised I actually don’t want to be busy. Busyness implies a chaotic lack of…

12 Rules For Life Book Summary (Jordan B. Peterson)

This rule is going to discuss the limitation of being, the necessity of suffering and what we can about it.

The idea that life is suffering is a tenant in one form or another of every major religious doctrine. Buddhist stated directly, Christians illustrated with the cross, and Jews commemorate the suffering enjoyed over centuries. Suffering is a component of being. It is the gateway, from my perspective to true excellence in any vocational field. In fact, rather a vocational field, in life, in the vocation of life.

Suffering voluntary or involuntary is a necessity of being. Instead of…

“No obstacle in front of me is more powerful than the will I have to conquer it.” — David Goggins

My will is one of the most powerful things I have access to.

It is not just sheer willpower, my ‘will’ comprises of:

  • My ability to exceed the boundaries of my limitation in spite of pain and suffering.
  • My ability to consistently show up and put in effort regardless of how I feel.
  • My ability to work smart and apply intelligent habits and systems to reduce unnecessary inertia (resistance of any object to change).

My will is my superpower and…

“Even Socrates, who lived a very frugal and simple life, loved to go to the market. When his students asked about this, he replied, “I love to go and see all the things I am happy without.”

In life, you always have to play a game. Life on a macro level is a giant game and within it contain endless ‘microgames’ that it’s players choose to play.


Here are some common games humans tend to play:

  • The money game: become a something-onaire and chase the accumulation of money.
  • The wealth and financial freedom game: do what you want to do anytime you want not because you have to or…

12 Rules For Life Book Summary (Jordan B. Peterson)

This rule discuss the patriarchy, the psycholgical differences between men and women and their roles in society, the effects of stultifying and softening the edges of our envrionment and the effect it’s had on children and adults alike.

“We know children and people are generally safer when they use protective equipment. But, this can ruin a lot of the fun, excitement and risk involved in learning a new skill. When children go off and play and do a lot of these risky activities, they aren’t trying to be safe. …

12 Rules For Life Book Summary Analysis (Jordan B. Peterson)

“There is a story for children named there’s no such thing as a Dragon by Jack Kent, it tells a story of a child named Billy Bixby. Who spies on a dragon sitting on his bed one morning. It’s about the size of a house cat and friendly. He tells his mother about it, but she tells him that there’s no such thing as a dragon. So it starts to grow. It eats all of Billy’s pancakes. Soon it fills the whole house. Mum tries to vacuum, but she has to go in and out of the house through the…

12 Rules For Life Book Summary Analysis (Jordan B. Peterson)

“Psychotherapy is not advice. Advice is what you get. When the person you’re talking with about something horrible and complicated wishes, you would just shut up and go away. Advice is what you get when the person you are talking to wants to revel in the superiority of his or her intelligence. If you weren’t so stupid after all, you wouldn’t have your stupid problem. Psychotherapy, on the other hand, is a genuine conversation. Genuine conversation is exploration, articulation and strategizing.”

A genuine conversation is what I strive to create with these writings and videos. …

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour. youtube.com/emmanualalexander

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