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Does suffering propel us forward, or suffocate us?

Sarah Kante

In North Korea, they intentionally starve their people to control them. When all you can think about is survival, you don’t have the energy or resources to critically think, let alone revolt against a dictatorship. Everything becomes secondary to the ultimate purpose of survival.

People are starving now, just in…

After conquering a personal or business endeavour and accomplishing something I’ve never done before the question remains…what’s next? How do I top what I just did?

This may be the wrong question to ask.

The question to ask is…

What is the hardest most interesting problem I can solve?

Where does the intersect between deep impact, personal meaning, fulfilment, challenge

1: We Are Too Dependent On Large Corporations For Our Livelihood & Well-Being

It is clear how vulnerable the supply chain is to disruption from a systematic (global) level and an idiosyncratic (individual) level. To circumvent this the individual should establish their own autonomy and independence by reducing their dependency on global infrastructure, improve provisions and have local means of producing and sourcing…

  1. Death & Catastrophe Is Imminent: The death, illness or debilitating deterioration of the health of my parents is imminent within the next day to 15 years if they keep their current lifestyle. Disaster, death and suffering is coming, it’s not a question of ‘if’, it’s a question of ‘when’. Are…

I have often felt regret and lamentation over the seemingly ineffective busyness that has stimulated my days. This busyness usually comes in two forms:

  1. Completing tasks that make me feel like I’ve accomplished something when I really have just been putting off the most difficult tasks.
  2. My insatiable curiosity leads…

Alexander Emmanual Sandalis

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