12 Lessons Learnt After 1 Year of COVID-19

1: We Are Too Dependent On Large Corporations For Our Livelihood & Well-Being

2: Team Human

3: Money Is Like Oxygen

4: Relying On The ‘Just In Time Delivery System’ Is A Bad Idea — Always Have Backups

5: Anything Can Be Taken Away From You At Any Moment

6: Isolation Highlights The Importance Of Our Connection With The Natural World

7: This Is Not A Once In A Lifetime Event — This Is A Practice Run For Something For More Serious

8: We’re Not All Going Through The Same Or Even A Similar Experience

9: Humans Are Generally Inefficient & Inconsistent At Assessing Risk

10: People Need More Than Information To Care

11: Pandemics Tend To Be Cyclical & Operate In Waves

12: How Government & Societal Structure Influence Emergency Response Capabilities

“Within every adversity is an equal or greater benefit.

Within every problem is an opportunity.

Even in the knocks of life, we can find great gifts.”

Self reflective writings & book summaries on philosophy, psychology and human behaviour. youtube.com/emmanualalexander

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